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true life crimes


A collection of true crime stories from all corners of the world and both historical crimes and modern day crimes. True life crimes include serial killer profiles, true crime stories involving murder, kidnaps, crimes of passion and famous mugshots.
true life crime stories
Serial Killer Profiles

When it comes to telling the stories of true life crime, there is no type of criminal that gets as much attention as a serial killer. On one hand, any sane person is revolted by the truly horrific true life crimes that serial killers have committed. However, on the other hand, many good people find themselves compelled to learn more about a serial killer. Not because they worship them or give them more attention than they deserve for their true life crimes but more to learn how a human being that started out just like any other person could become a serial killer. These serial killer profiles are the stories of the true life crimes of some of the most infamous serial killers of modern times. The intention is not to make them or their vial true life crimes part of folklore but more to give an insight into a criminal mind and show just how evil these serial killers were to be able to kill at all, let alone in such numbers.


Richard Chase - The Vampire of Sacramento
Coral Eugene Watts- The Sunday Morning Slasher
David Berkowitz - Son of Sam
Cary Stayner - The Yosemite Murderer
Arthur Shawcross - The Genesee River Killer
Tommy Lynn Sells - The Drifter Killer
Danny Rolling - The Gainesville Ripper
Gary Ridgway - The Green River Killer
Angel Maturino Resendiz - The Railroad Killer
Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker
Dennis Rader - The BTK Killer
Edmund Kemper - The Co-ed Killer
Peter Sutcliffe - The Yorkshire Ripper
John Wayne Gacy - The Killer Clown
Harold Shipman - Doctor Death
Andrei Chikatilo - The Rostov Ripper
Ted Bundy  
Famous Mugshots

Part of doing a true life crime is doing true life time. These mugshots are all real mugshots of familiar faces. Some of them are celebrity mugshots and others are mugshots of some infamous true life criminals.


celeb mugshots Even famous people get into trouble now and then. When they do they end up posing for a photo rather different than the paparazzi photos they are used to. This is a collection of celebrity mugshots of celebrities and other people who are normally famous for things other than crime. Click here to see the celebrity mugshots
famous mugshots Sometimes a criminal becomes almost more famous than their crimes and we forget they are criminals and not celebrities. These mugshots of famous criminals serve to remind us that above all else these "people" are criminals. Click here to see the famous criminal mugshots



Modern True Life Crime Stories

These are all stories of true life crimes. Each one of them is a true life crime story of a convicted criminal that carried out their crimes in the last fifty years. These true life crime stories are told to show that crime isn't a thing that only takes place in classic murder novels but instead happens in true life and to people all over the country and the world. We will be adding more true life crime stories over time.


Glenn Benner - raped and choked to death two women
Robert Neville - along with Michael Hall, tortured and killed a disabled teenager
Clyde Smith - killed two taxi drivers
James Willie Brown - raped and murdered a topless dancer
Darrell Ferguson - satanist killed three elderly people
Melvin White - sexually assaulted and killed a nine year-old girl
Domingo Cantu - raped and murdered a 94 year-old woman
Leonard Rojas - killed his common-law wife and his brother after suspecting an affair
Richard Williams - carried out the contract killing of a paralyzed woman
Hilton Crawford - Kidnapped and held 12 year-old boy for ransom before killing him
Sedley Alley - abducted, raped and murder female marine
Clarence Ray Allen - ordered the death of three people while already serving life in prison.
Kemi Adeyoola - 17 year-old daughter of British millionaire that wrote a 'murder manual' before killing her elderly neighbor.
Richard Speck - Carried out brutal mass murder in a home for student nurses.


Help Prevent and Solve True Life Crimes

True life crimes do happen but you can do your best to help prevent them from happening to you. Once true life crimes do happen, they need to be solved. Often they are solved in a quick manner but at other times the police need the help of the public. The links provided bellow are to sites where you can either learn how to protect yourself or help the police solve a true life crime that has already taken place.



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UK Most Wanted - The most wanted criminals in the United Kingdom.
Crime Doctor - Security and safety advice for the home and business.
Cold Case Center - A site that provides links to the real cold cases from every state and information on how to help solve them.
National Sex Offender Public Registry - A list of sex registered sex offenders in the United States listed by state and city.
US Marshals Most Wanted - The criminals most wanted by the US Marshals.
National Night Out - A national night out to promote neighborhood watch programs.
Canada's Most Wanted - The most wanted wanted criminals in Canada.
National Domestic Violence Hotline - Break the silence, make the call.
The Doe Network - The international center for unidentified and missing persons.
Guardian Angels - The famous street policing group founded by Curtis Sliwa
National Crime Prevention Council - Find out how to protect yourself from a variety of crimes.
Missing Kids UK - Children that have gone missing in the United Kingdom.
Missing Children Network - Children that have gone missing in Canada.


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