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Serial Killer Profile: Angel Maturino Resendiz

Angel Maturino Resendiz


Angel Maturino Resendiz was born on August 1, 1959 and was an illegal immigrant residing in the United States. Angel Maturino Resendiz gained the nick name The Railroad Killer after he spent a few years in the late 1990's traveling America on trains and killing and committing other serious crimes along the way.

Angel Maturino Resendiz managed to escape the notice of the authorities because of his illegal status and because she didn't have a permanent residence. Angel Maturino Resendiz killed up to 15 people using mostly rocks and other basic objects. The motive of most of his murders appeared to be to steal money for drugs and alcohol.

The following is a list of some of Angel Maturino Resendiz's victims:

* Christopher Maier, 21 years old on August 29, 1997. He was walking near railroad tracks with his girlfriend when they were attacked by Angel Maturino Resendiz. Maier was bludgeoned to death and his girlfriend was raped and beaten to the point of near death.

* Leafie Mason, 81 years old on October 4, 1998. Angel Maturino Resendiz beat her to death with a fire iron.

* Claudia Benton, 39 years old on December 17, 1998. Angel Maturino Resendiz entered her home and proceeded to rape, stab and beat her to death.

* Norman J. Sirnic, 46 years old and Karen Sirnic, 47 years old on May 2, 1999. They were killed by Angel Maturino Resendiz after he bludgeoned them to death with a sledgehammer in the parsonage of the church where Norman was a pastor.

* Noemi Dominguez, 26 years old on June 4, 1999. Angel Maturino Resendiz was beaten to death in her apartment that was near railroad tracks.

* Josephine Konvicka, 73 years old on June 4, 1999. She was hit on the head with a pointed object while she was sleeping.

* George Morber Senior, 80 years old, and Carolyn Frederick, 52 years old on June 15, 1999. Angel Maturino Resendiz shot George in the head with a shotgun and then beat Carolyn to death.

* Jesse Howell, 19 years old on March 23, 1997. He was beaten to death with an air hose coupling.

* Wendy VonHuben, 16 years old on March 23, 1997. Angel Maturino Resendiz raped, strangled and suffocated her.

* Michael White in July of 1991. He was shot to death but Angel Maturino Resendiz didn't admit to this killing until 2006.

Angel Maturino Resendiz, the Railroad Killer, was arrested in July 1999 and was sentenced to death. On June 27, 2006 he was executed by lethal injection in Huntsville, Texas.