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Serial Killer Profile: Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross


Arthur Shawcross was born in Maine on June 6, 1945 and served in Vietnam before returning to Maine and have a series of four failed marriages.

Arthur Shawcross was arrested in Watertown during 1972 for the deaths of two children. His first victim was 10-year-old Jake Blake. Arthur Shawcross lured Jake Blake into the woods where he then was assaulted and strangled. A few months later Arthur Shawcross then raped and killed Karen Ann Hill, am eight-year-old girl. There wasn't a great deal of evidence available to the prosecutors and Arthur Shawcross was able to negotiate a plea bargain that saw him pleading guilty to the murder of Karen Ann Hill in exchange for the charge of murdering Jake Blake being dropped and the charges relating to the murder of Karen Ann Hill being manslaughter, instead of first-degree murder.

Arthur Shawcross was sentenced to 25 years in prison but only served 15 years and was released on parole in 1987. He moved to Rochester, New York and in March 1988 Arthur Shawcross began murdering prostitutes. In a bit less than two years, Arthur Shawcross killed 11 women.

Arthur Shawcross's victims were:

* Patricia Ives, 25
* Frances Brown, 22
* June Cicero, 34
* Darlene Trippi, 32
* Anne Marie Steffen, 28
* Dorothy Blackburn, 27
* Kimberly Logan
* June Stotts, 30
* Marie Welch, 22
* Elizabeth Gibson
* Dorothy Keller, 59

In most cases, the victims of serial killer Arthur Shawcross were strangled, battered to death and mutilated. Years later Arthur Shawcross claimed that he had cannibalized some of his victims. He told a British reporter that he had sliced out and eaten the vaginas of three victims, and also that he had eaten the genitals of Jake Blake. A good deal of doubt has been cast on these claims though with a lot of criminologists feeling he was just trying to impress the reporter.

Arthur Shawcross was caught in 1990 when police intentionally left the body of this final victim where they found it with the idea that a criminal will always return the scene of the crime. The police were right and serial killer Arthur Shawcross we caught when he was spotted masturbating in his car that was parked on a bridge over the creek where his victim's body was floating. He was arrested and eventually confessed.

In November 1990, Arthur Shawcross stood trial for 10 murders, He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but they jury found him to be sane and he was sentenced to 250 years' imprisonment. A few months later he was taken to stand trial for the 11th murder in another county and this time pled guilty and received a life sentence.

Serial killer, Arthur Shawcross is currently serving his sentences at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, New York.