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A collection of true crime stories from all corners of the world and both historical crimes and modern day crimes. True life crimes include serial killer profiles, true crime stories involving murder, kidnaps, crimes of passion and famous unsolved crimes.

True Life Crime Profile: Clarence Ray Allen

clarence ray allen


Clarence Ray Allen , knew Ray and Fran Schletewitz,the owners of Fran's Market in Fresno, California for years. However, that didn't stop him from plotting to rob the market in 1974. Clarence Ray Allen's plot to rob Fran's Market involved his son, Roger Allen, who would help him steal a set of keys from the store owner's son, Bryon Schletewitz. Clarence Ray Allen then arranged for Byron to go on a date that night with his son's girlfriend, Mary Sue Kitts. While the date was taking place, Fran's Market was burgled and $500 in cash and $10,000 in money orders were stolen.

During the investigation following the burglary, Kitts told Byron Schletewitz that Clarence Ray Allen had been involved with the burglary. Byron Schletewitz confronted Roger Allen with these allegations, telling him that Kitts had pointed the finger. When Roger Allen told Clarence Ray Allen about this he stated that Byron Schletewitz and Mary Sue Kitts would have to be "dealt with". An unsuccessful attempt was made to poison Kitts with cyanide and then Clarence Ray Allen ordered Charles Furrow to strangle her. Furrow then threw Kitts body into the Friant-Kern Canal. It has never been found.

In 1978, Clarence Ray Allen, was convicted of the burglary, the murder of Mary Sue Kitts and the conspiracy to kill Kitts. He was then sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. While serving his sentence at Folsom prison, Clarence Ray Allen met fellow inmate, Billy Ray Hamilton. Clarence Ray Allen conspired with Hamilton to have any possible witnesses to his crimes, including Byron Schletewitz, murdered. The reason behind this was that Clarence Ray Allen was trying to get a retrial and he thought that without witnesses he was bound to get off.

When Hamilton was released, he took his girlfriend, Connie Barbo and drove to Fran's Market. They waited until the store was empty and then Hamilton pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and Barbo pulled out a .32-caliber revolver. The pair ordered Byron Schletewitz, age 27, and employees Douglas White, age 18, and Josephine Rocha, age 17, into the storeroom and told them to lie on the floor. Byron Schletewitz told the couple they could take all the money they wanted but Hamilton pointed his shotgun at Byron Schletewitz's forehead and shot him dead at near point blank range.

Hamilton then turned to Douglas White and demanded to know where the store's safe was located. When White told him that there wasn't a safe, Hamilton then shot him in the neck and back. At this point, Josephine Rocha was crying and in order to silence her, Hamilton shot her two or three times.

Jack Abbott,a man that lived next door to Fran's Market, heard the shots and grabbed his gun before heading over to the market. Abbott exchanged fire with Hamilton and Hamilton fled the scene after being shot in the foot. When police arrived at the scene they found Connie Barbo hiding in the store and a week later, Hamilton was arrested when he tried to rob a liquor store. When Hamilton was arrested the police found that he was carrying hitlist containing names and addresses of the eight trial witnesses from Clarence Ray Allen's trial.

Hamilton was tired and sentenced to death and he is currently living on death row. In 1981, Clarence Ray Allen, was charged and tried in connection with the murders carried out by Hamilton. Clarence Ray Allen was convicted of triple murder and conspiracy to murder eight witnesses. On November 22, 1982, a jury unanimous sentenced Clarence Ray Allen to death.

At the age of 76 years-old, on January 17, 2006 at 12:38 a.m., Clarence Ray Allen was executed by lethal injection. He was the second oldest person to be executed in the United States since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.