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Serial Killer Profile: Danny Rolling

danny rolling


In the summer of 1990, the college town of Gainesville, Florida was terrorized as a series of young female students were found murdered and mutilated. The hunt for the killer made national news as the murders were being compared to Jack the Ripper and parents of Gainesville students were besides themselves with fear for the lives of their children.

With very little evidence a long hunt for the Gainesville serial killer was underway. The police followed a number of false leads, including those leading them to Edward Humphrey who was eventually cleared of any crime. Eventually, Danny Rolling was arrested after a police chase that resulted from a failed robbery attempt. To the amazement of the police an audio tape confession to the Gainesville serial killings.

Danny Rolling stood trial for the murders and pled guilty but claimed it was his alter ego that did the killings. He was found guilty and was given a death sentence for each one of his victims. Danny Rolling is currently on death row and launching many appeals.