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True Life Crime Profile: Darrell Ferguson

Darrell Ferguson


Darrell Ferguson had already been convicted for burglary and was serving a sentence at an Ohio drug treatment center when on December 21, 2001 he was issued a two day pass. Five days later, Darrell Ferguson hadn't returned to the drug treatment facility and three people were dead.

On Christmas Day 2001, Darrell Ferguson went into the home of 61 year-old Thomas King. Thomas King was a brother of the man Darrell Ferguson's was married to and was a disabled man who used crutches. Darrell Ferguson killed him by stabbing him to death with a kitchen knife and then sold the man's possessions in order to pay for crack cocaine.

Two days later, Darrell Ferguson entered the home of an elderly couple, Arlie and Mae Fugate. He had known the couple because his family had once lived near them. Since they recognized Darrell Ferguson they let him into their home. Once inside, Darrell Ferguson attacked the couple with a knife and then kicked and stomped them to death.

Darrell Ferguson, who claimed to have worshiped satan, waves his right to a jury and plead guilty to the murders. Darrell Ferguson asked for the death penalty and refused any appeals that would prolong his stay on death row. At his sentencing hearing in 2003, Darrell Ferguson taunted the family of his victims by saying he enjoyed the killings and telling them,"I will never show any remorse, even on the day I die.".

Sure enough, when Darrell Ferguson was led to the execution chamber on August 8, 2006, at just 28 years-old, he refused to show any remorse. After he gave his final statement, he put is hand up and gave a satanic salute as the lethal injection was administered. His hand remained in that salute until the drugs took his life.