A collection of true crime stories from all corners of the world and both historical crimes and modern day crimes. True life crimes include serial killer profiles, true crime stories involving murder, kidnaps, crimes of passion and famous mugshots.

Famous Criminal Mugshots

All of the mugshots on this page are mugshots of famous criminals. Maybe it is more accurate to call them infamous criminals. All of the famous mugshots of criminals that are shown on this mugshot gallery are of people that have done very bad things indeed. Hopefully, for the families of their victims and the police that hunted these criminals down, seeing criminal mugshots gives them some sense of justice being done.

amy fisher mugshot

Amy Fisher Mugshot

timothy mcveigh mugshot

Timothy McVeigh Mugshot - Oklahoma City Bomber


lee harvey oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald Mugshot


gary ridgeway mugshot

Gary Ridgeway - The Green River Killer

charles manson mugshot

Charles Manson Mugshot


john gotti mugshot

John Gotti Mugshot

Ted Kaczynski mugshot

Ted Kaczynski Mugshot - The Unabomber


jeffery Dahmer mugshot

Jeffery Dahmer Mugshot


john wayne gacy mugshot

John Wayne Gacy Mugshot


David Berkowitz mugshot

David Berkowitz Mugshot - Son Of Sam Killer


mark chapman mugshot

Mark Chapman Mugshot - John Lennon's Killer

Scott Peterson Mugshot