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True Life Crime Profile: Glenn Benner

glenn benner


On August 6, 1985, 26 year-old Cynthia Sedgwick went out to have a good time on at a George Thorogood concert in Ohio. Like many people at concerts, she got a little bit tipsy and started talking to a man that was showing her some attention. Sadly, for Cynthia, that man was Glenn Benner. Cynthia was last seen as Glenn Benner carried her into a wooded area for what onlookers just assumed would be innocent fun. Instead, Glenn Benner had much more sinister plans. When he had Cynthia away from the eyes and ears of the rest of the concert goers he raped her and then choked her to death. The next day Glenn Benner even bragged to a co-worker that he had killed a woman the night before. Cynthia Sedgwick's decomposing body was found a week later.

Glenn Benner carried out three more attacks in 1985. He knocked a 19 year-old off her bike and attempted to rape her, rapes and choked a 38 year-old woman in her home and dragged an 18 year-old jogger off the road and choked her.

Then on January 2, 1986, Glenn Benner kidnapped 21 year-old Trina Bowser. Glenn Benner was a life long friend of the Bowser family but that didn't stop him from raping and killing Trina. Trina's body was discovered the next day by her brother and parents. Glenn Benner had put Trina's dead body in the trunk of her car and left it on the side of the expressway. Trina's ankles had been bound and her underwear and bra had been tied around her neck.

Not long after Trina's body was discovered, Robert Tyson, the co-worker to whom Glenn Benner had bragged about the murder of Cynthina Sedgwick, contacted the police and told them he knew who did the murders.

On April 7, 1986, Glenn Benner's trial in front of a three judge panel began. On April 15, 1986, Glenn Benner is found guilty on 17 counts including two murders. On May 29, 1986, Glenn Benner is given two death sentences for the murders of Cynthia and Trina.

On February 7, 2006 at 10:15 a.m., Glenn Benner was executed by lethal injection.