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True Life Crime Profile: Leonard Rojas

Leonard Rojas


Alvarado, Texas is a small town like many others found throughout the country. However, on the morning of December 27, 1994, Alvarado witnessed a series of events that were anything but ordinary.

After a long night of drinking and doing drugs, Leonard Rojas was making himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen of the home he shared with his brother, David Rojas and his common-law wife, Jo Ann Reed. While preparing his drink he saw Jo Ann Reed coming out of David Rojas's bedroom.

Leonard Rojas confronted Reed with his suspicions that she was having an affair with his brother. She denied having an affair and the pair went to their proper bedroom together. Once they were in the bedroom, Reed preformed oral sex on Leonard Rojas. Once she was finished, Leonard Rojas picked up a .32-caliber handgun and shot Reed between the eyes.

Once Leonard Rojas shot Reed then left the bedroom and called out for his brother. Finding his brother in the bathroom, Leonard Rojas shot his brother three times and left him for dead. When he went back into the bedroom he found that Reed was still breathing. So to make sure that she died, Leonard Rojas tied a plastic bag over her head and put pillows and blankets on her body.

After killing his partner and brother, Leonard Rojas went back to the kitchen and continued drinking his coffee. After finishing the coffee, Leonard Rojas, then hitched a ride to the bus station and bought a ticket to Atlanta.

Once Leonard Rojas reached Dallas he found a security guard at the bus station and confessed. Leonard Rojas, confessed again to Dallas County sheriff's deputies. When he went to trial, Leonard Rojas changed his story and plead not guilty. However, on May 22, 1996, Leonard Rojas was found guilty of the two murders and on May 31, 1996 he was sentenced to death.

On December 4, 2002, Leonard Rojas was executed by lethal injection.