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Serial Killer Profile: Richard Chase

richard chase


Richard Chase was born on May 23, 1950 and his troubles began not all that long afterwards when as a child he started to accuse his mother of trying to poison him. The obsession with thinking that somebody was trying to poison him was one that came up again and again in the life of Richard Chase.

Richard Chase was sent to a mental institution in 1975 after he had given himself blood poisoning by injecting the blood of a rabbit into his arms. Whilst he was at the institution he gained the name 'Dracula' by the staff when they discovered him killing birds that landed on the bars of his window. He would snap their necks and then drink their blood. Richard Chase went on a series of medications and was released. However, his mother decided Richard Chase didn't need the medications and took him off of them.

Richard Chase killed for the first time on December 29, 1977. He killed 51 year-old Ambrose Griffin in a drive by shooting that was sort of a test run for his future crimes.

Richard Chase's next murder came in January 1978 when he entered the home of the pregnant Teresa Wallin. Wallin had been taking out the trash and in doing so left the door unlocked. Richard Chase used the unlocked door as an excuse to enter the home and when Wallin came back in the house he shot her three time. He then dragged her to the bedroom and raped her dead body while he repeatedly stabbing it with a butcher knife. When Richard Chase was done with the rape he then cut her dead body open and removed several of her internal organs, using a bucket to collect the blood and then taking it in the bathroom to bathe in it. He then sliced off her nipple and drank her blood, using an empty yogurt container as a drinking glass; before leaving, he went into the yard, found a pile of dog feces, and returned to stuff it into the corpse's mouth and throat. Two days later Richard Chase bought two puppies from one of his neighbors and then killed the puppies and drank the blood.

On January 27,1978, Richard Chase committed a mass murder. He went into the home of Evelyn Miroth who was 38 years-old. She was babysitting her 22 month-old nephew at the time and her own six year-old son and a neighbor were also in the house. At the time that Richard Chase entered the home Evelyn had been taking a bath while her neighbor, Dan Meredith was watching the kids. Dan was in the hallway when Richard Chase entered and was shot point-blank in the head. Evelyn's son then ran into his mother's bedroom. Richard Chase then shot the 22 month-old baby in the head before catching up to the older boy and shooting him twice in the head. When he found Evelyn in the bathroom he shot her dead.

Similar to his second murder, Richard Chase dragged Evelyn's dead body into the bedroom and had anal sex with her dead body while at the same time drinking her blood from sliced he had made in the back of her neck. When Richard Chase was done with the rape he stabbed her body a number of times in her anus and at one point the knife penetrated her uterus. He stabbed her in a series of vital points on the body, which caused blood from her internal organs to pool into her abdomen, which he then sliced open and drained into a bucket; he then consumed all of the blood. Chase then went to retrieve David's corpse; he took it to the bathroom and split its skull open in the bathtub, and consumed some of the brain matter.

Richard Chase was interrupted when a six year-old girl knocked on the door and caused him to flee in a car that belonged to one of the victims. The little girl told a neighbor who broke into the house, discovered the crime scene and contacted the police. When the police searched the home they found that in his haste to leave Richard Chase had left near perfect hand and shoe prints in Evelyn's blood.

When he was making his escape from the house, Richard Chase had stopped to collect the dead body of the 22 month-old and took it with him in the car. Once he had the body in the car he chopped off the baby's head and used the neck as a straw through which he sucked the blood out of the body. He then sliced the corpse open and consumed several internal organs and made smoothies out of others, finally disposing of the corpse at a nearby church.

Five days after the mass murder, Richard Chase was determined to be the main suspect and police when to his home to question him. Richard Chase refused to allow them in and they waited until he came out and arrested him. When they searched his apartment police for that his walls, floor, ceiling, refrigerator, and all of Richard Chase's eating and drinking utensils were soaked in blood. Inside the refrigerator police found several animal body parts wrapped in aluminum foil.

On May 8, 1979, Richard Chase was found guilty of six counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to be executed in the gas chamber. On December 26, 1980, Richard Chase was found dead in his cell. He had committed suicide by overdosing on medication he had secretly stashed for a few weeks.